Q. What is the best way to preserve humans knowledge in case of a catastrophe?

What is the best way to preserve humans knowledge in case of a catastrophe?

Imagine a catastrophy strikes and most of humans are wiped out and only few survived to restart the human race.
surely they can’t just come out of an ice age for example and start building computers after some generations living as cavemen. there’s not much they can teach their children whom never seen technology. they can’t read, they don’t know how to operate a computer, they can’t even understand a simple bicycle.
how can we transfer the vast amount of knowledge we have, to them making sure they can understand and use it?

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Apr, 2018

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  • tyler

    On the occurrence of a catastrophe it is little unlikely that the entire human race is endangered. But, if it might happen someday then we must use the technological advancements of the present times to store all the data of the inventions and achievements that we have made. We can put multiple ways into action like scripting, upload to cloud storage or saving on hard drives. We never know what would work the most but we must attempt as per our intelligence and capacity.


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  • awad7

    I think script is still the best way to preserve knowledge, as it has been passed on to us before and still being passed on to us to this day.

    I do not think we will find a perfect way of preserving knowledge, if people intent to destroy knowledge they will always be capable of that if they know where it is stored. For example the burning of the library of Alexandria.

    Script could be interpreted as drawings as well.


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