Q. What do ants feel when they're stepped on?


What do ants feel when they're stepped on?

Ants and Feelings

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Apr, 2018

  • hendry

    Ants are as old as dinosaurs so one can imagine their strength and capacity to evolve.
    Ants are not as fragile as we think of them to be; actually, their tiny size is the secret of their strength.
    Certain species of ants and can lift 100 times more weight than their own.
    It is because of their small size, ants muscles have a greater cross-sectional area relative to their body size compared to larger animals.
    The same factor protects them mostly from getting smashed under our feet.
    All the surfaces on which we walk are not finely flat and even so, these little creatures can easily slip into the little cracks and holes.
    Also, in spite of not being able to hear ants can feel the vibrations and their magnitudes from the surrounding and that saves them from going towards any danger.
    Though many ants would still get smashed daily but they have outnumbered humans with a very large figure that is 1 million ants to 1 human.
    I know, it’s too much!


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  • kiaazad

    ever banged your head into something hard? it must feel like the first seconds of that.
    of curse in reality, the ants nerves are not that complex to convey a feeling, it’s more like a smartphone, it does do complex things, it can sense the battery is low or it it’s overhating but it doesn’t feel anything when it’s being crushed.


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  • kirti


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