Q. What's the best way you can suggest to make some cryptocurrency?

What's the best way you can suggest to make some cryptocurrency?

buying something and waiting for it to grow in value is not my style, I always search for the ways I can earn crypto through different means and always looking for the ones that require the minimum efforts and fastest payback.
can you suggest any?

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Apr, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • pearljam

    There are many ways to make some cryptocurrencies :

    1. To share some knowledge about cryptocurrencies and buy from fiat currencies.
    2. Airdrops. Without investing a single penny.
    3. Pre-ICOs & ICOs : Where cheap value of crypto can be availed.
    4. Referrals through Airdrops as well as Pre-ICOs & ICOs.
    5. Free faucet wallet and chains.
    6. Mining : U can mine the crypto through computer hardwares & GPUs.

    Many other ways are also there to earn cryptocurrencies.


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  • xzito

    Maybe i can help yu with something..try to dig on tutorials how to implement a bot that is trading for you on exchanges. i’v got 3 / 10% passive daily income with 85 % avrage sucess, really good bot is for example Profit trailer!


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