Q. Will Curiosity Rover be helpful in understanding Mars?

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Will Curiosity Rover be helpful in understanding Mars?

Curiosity is like a laboratory. So far, it hasn’t found any life. >.<

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Apr, 2018

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  • kirti

    curiosity has found many new things on mars which are in research right now, yes it havent found any living organisms yet but maybe curiosity will find dead bodies of previously living creatures on mars which are dug inside the sand.

    curiosity will continue its journey and will give humanity many new mysteries to be solved


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Rover is a type of vehicle designed to explore the vast outer space. They move across different planets, excluding Earth, and stars, and other celestial objects. Rovers can either bring spaceflight crew members or be controlled to collect samples such as rocks, dust and even photographs as proofs of the researchers study about all the possible things they might discover. Its features and designs make them more advantageous than other space probes of different types. Spirit and Opportunity are Mars-based twin rovers designed to find out information about the planet. They landed in 2004. Spirit worked for six years while Opportunity is still active. Both provided a lot of information about the possible existence of life in Mars. Many things are yet to be unfolded. Are you excited to know whether extra terrestrial creatures exist?

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