Q. Do money problems keep you up at night?

Do money problems keep you up at night?

In my experience, I am counting money instead of counting sheep. It sometimes makes my problems seem worse than they are. I can say that I am not getting a good night’s sleep. :(

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Apr, 2018

  • bonita58

    I think you are overthinking and this behavaior would only harm you. Avoid thinking about money. Indeed, money is important but it is not everything.


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  • thorty

    Keep ALL of your recepits in one month. At the end of the month go through your receipts, and work out what is not completely essential and where you can save money. It is all about living within your means. If you are able to spend less than you earn, your problems will resolve themselves


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  • soi63soi

    My relationship with money is that I think about it frequently during my day. I don’t have it invade my sleep time. What I’m going to do is get away form a lack based bellief on money and center more on an abundance based thinking and do things to bring more money to me. Hope that helps.


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  • kiaazad

    counting money, you must be rich, I’m counting my debts to sleep.
    about how it effect our sleep patterns: money problems often bring depression that can cause people to sleep more,


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  • kirti

    no in my case money problem increasesmy sleeptime
    idont know howbut thats true , maybe cz i am tension free


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  • virgo214

    It depends on the situation and degree of necessity. If you had a regular job plus doing an overtime plus the wisdom in taking care of your finances, you’ll have no much problem in that. It’s just a matter of managing your finances well.


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