Q. Peaks of intelligence?

Peaks of intelligence?

Do you think mankind has known different peaks of intelligence?

Peaks of intelligence that explain for example the magnificent pyramids.

So their would have been a peak of intelligence followed by some kind of disaster which made mankind start all over again.

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Apr, 2018

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  • daven

    In my opinion as a Historian I think great human achievements, like the Pyramids are carried out by a collective will and determination towards a certain goal, the Pyramids were a collective effort of the People of the Nile to Glorify the Gods in this case the represantation on earth the Pharao, the Chinese built the Great Wall witht the dtermination to stop Barbarians to end what they believed to be the most advance civilization at the time, the Americans landed on the moon through a dtermination to show the world the dominance over the USSR, even during what is called the dark ages where the Church had dominance and was blocking many advances in science due to religious beliefs, great Cahtedrals and Churches were constructed too....so basically these achievements are made out of sheer determination and will on a particular point in time....but this is just my opinion....;D


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  • kiaazad

    there are archaeological finds that support this theory, even though main stream science need more prrof for it, I personally think it is plausible and probably what happened in the past.
    even one of my question is pointing at such a scenario and what if it happens again:


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