Q. Why do dogs run behind cars and bikes?

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Why do dogs run behind cars and bikes?

i wonder why do always dogs in my area keep running after cars and bikes and have led to many motorcycle accidents, when u stop the bike they all run away, again when u start the bike the will run after you and bark, the most weird thing was mny times my own dog runs behind my bike.

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Apr, 2018

  • theflyingfury

    Hope you have observed dogs peeing on some particular areas of their surrounding. Dogs have this behavior of marking the areas. and sometime dog pee on the car tyres. When you take the same car across the city where other dogs are present the dogs catch the scent and sense the threat from other dogs and hence follow or bark.


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  • piotrkarol

    coz they like car owner


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  • Anonymous

    Dogs instinctually run after things that are moving away from them. It is something that is developed in them through evolution. There could be different reasons why they run, by example hunting, defending, herding or guarding. This depends mainly on the breed. Working breeds like Retrievers will be triggered by their hunting instincts while by example a Doberman Pinscher is triggered by their guarding instincts. It also depends on the fact is the car or bike is moving on their territory.


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  • virgo214

    “saw your post in Qurito. who took my photo?? i have no idea what I’m doing.”


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