Q. Why do we get angry for no reason?

You can stay or stay away.

Why do we get angry for no reason?

Anger and Reasons

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Apr, 2018

  • hhhjamnez

    Anger is a healthy emotion like crying or laughing. If someone is angry, the cause of irritability can be because they are disappointed, scared, offended or feel hurt. However, if you find the closest person is overly angry, first investigate whether he is under the influence of treatment or suffering from an illness.
    Dr. Helen Stokes Lampard of the Royal College of General Practitioners said, there are a number of medical conditions and drugs that cause emotions


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  • pearljam


    The biological Phenomenon

    Due to imbalance of Hormones.

    It also depends on Your Surroundings.

    & your conciousness.


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  • piotrkarol

    bad hormone balance


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