Q. Which ICO are you most bullish on?

Which ICO are you most bullish on?

Mention the ones that are not already found/famous.

Here is what I see now:
1. Solana
2. Fantom
3. Thunder Token






Apr, 2018

2 Answers
  • nerdey

    I think we must take seriously Bither ICO…it’s the better ICO in here these days…you should check it out.


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  • cryptomaster

    In my opinon I am most bullish on Fontom because I love the idea and the team seems pretty solid as well and the token metrics are in my opinion also very well thought out.

    Although I am also very bullish on Thunder Token but I still want to wait for more details about their ICO.

    Solana I personallly do not like the long token lock up so much.


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