Q. Is it possible that the EVM (electronic voting machines) can be hacked?

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Is it possible that the EVM (electronic voting machines) can be hacked?

if the EVM is hacked, how will the voter know, and if they already realised that something is wrong, that what are the steps that a voter should take ?

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Apr, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • pearljam

    EVM can be hacked until they are verified from VVPAT slips randomly at various election booths on the vote counting day. SC should not restrict or ban on VVPAT trials on random machines.

    Otherwise, there is a doubt from a long ago, EVM can be hacked.....

    Why cant be ??

    But it is dubious that it isnt connected to any server elsewhere. So, we cant confirm to be hacked.


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  • keith


    However, if those that are voting were to have an encrypted bio verified ID wallet (i.e.; Civic, TheKey, etc…) that is decentralized and anonymous, then we could have electronic voting that can’t be hacked.


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  • cryptopado90

    Any type of device that is connected to the internet gas the possibility of being hacked. Whether or not it will habe any impact on the results would depend on the scope of the hack.


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  • jessajoy17

    I keep hearing about random conspiracy angles about EVMs and their tamperability. I think it depends of the machines that they are using because there are some machines that have a secert code. I think EVMs are not connected to the internet so, hackers don’t have access controls.


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