Q. What is the greatest invention you have seen in your lifetime?

From Crypto to Cricket

What is the greatest invention you have seen in your lifetime?

There are so many in my 50+ years. Most enjoyable for me - braid fishing line - I love this stuff.






Apr, 2018

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  • ae1996

    In my 21, I think Blockchain Technology is the greatest invention that will revolutionize the world in many aspects. Cryptocurrency is just one aspect of Blockchain implementation. We are going through the revolution of ‘trust’ right now, when the centralization slowly change into decentralization ecosystem.


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  • gibson

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  • kirti


    smarphones have bought the revolution in this world, first iphone was really a magic for us.

    virtual and augmented reality

    VR, we all love it, we all want to roam around the world by just wearing those glasses and sitting in my room.

    Glasses That Give Sight to the Blind

    The ocean farming

    Fidget Spinner

    Airless tyres

    Elevators That Move Beyond Up and Down

    Glasses That Give Sight to the Blind

    Smart Speaker


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  • awad7

    Probably surgical equipment and techniques.


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For centuries now, inventions have been making the lives of people easier. Telephone-smartphones; steam-locomotive-subways; electric bulb-beautiful chandelier; hot air balloons-air planes – innovations that brought change in both communication and transportation. Thanks to the hardworking inventors who came before us for their dedication in making our lives easier. Moreover, thanks to the present inventors who continue to do their best to go beyond their limits to advance technologies even better. We stay tuned to the inventions as the products of the imagination of creative minds.

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