Q. Do you think life exist somewhere in the universe?

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Do you think life exist somewhere in the universe?

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May, 2018

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  • kirti

    YES, i think life exist somewhere else too, how can we be the only one in the billions of other planets ? scientists have discovered the planets only which are visible, what about the other galaxies and other planets which arent even visible to us and our inventions, there might be life present somewhere in other galaxy or some other plnet which we can never know because they are too much far.
    even mars had a life before, much much before living organisms were even born on earth, there are evidences which are found by the rovers on mars which prove there was something strange present.


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  • yuvika

    I think it does because if we look at how gigantic the universe it seems as if there should be life other than earth. There are numerous galaxies and there’s no estimate of how many planets would there be in the entire universe. Life on earth has been possible because of a row of consecutive favourable events that promoted life. The probability of such events happening somewhere else is very less but not zero. So yes I believe there can be life in this universe.


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