Q. Why is a green screen green?

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Why is a green screen green?

I read somewhere it has something to do with the color of the skin but I’m not convince since people have different type of skins and/or you don’t always record humans but also objects/animals/… who have various colors. So I’d like to know your opinion about it :)

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May, 2018

  • melody_sss

    Becuse the cameras are most sensitive to green, and green is also more irritating to the human eye.
    Actually we can also use the blue screen, the use of blue screen in Asia is relatively high, because the yellowish skin of Asians will affect the green screen, and the use of blue screen in other places is less because some people have blue eyes.
    The green screen is very important in today’s video editing, it can help you to edit cool or funny video, almost the sci-fi movie will use green screen, one reason is it can do many thing, the other is it’s easy to do it, you just need a green cloth, and in post-production, all the video editor have the chrome key function, which can help you how to remove green screen from video with several simple steps.


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  • vincent46

    Because green is the easiest color to pick out without effecting the image on the person in front of it. If you’re wearing a green cloth, you can use blue screen too. TunesKit AceMovi can easily remove the color you pick in the background.


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  • kirti

    green screen is green because its easy to cut or remove the background and add various vfx in the background, because the highly contrast green color wont match any of the color on actors clothes or skin or the surroundings.


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