Q. Why did Zeus live on Mount Olympus?

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Why did Zeus live on Mount Olympus?

I know Zeus and the other greek gods lived there but why there ?

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May, 2018

  • daven

    I agree with the question given above, as the highest peak of Greece, the Hellens related the height and the closeness to the sky were they believed deities existed, as many other religions consider High peaks or mountains to be most sacred places, Himalayas for Hindus, Ayers Rock Australia for the Aboriginals among some examples....


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  • hades

    Actually Zeus hates heat, he tricked me into the underworld because of my hair, and look what he did to the poor Hephaestus, just because he was the god of fire


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  • virgo214

    Because it’s the highest peak in Greece which is also symbolically used in the Greek mythology.


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