Q. Has the smartphone reached its maximum limit of innovation?

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Has the smartphone reached its maximum limit of innovation?






May, 2018

  • pmahajan18

    No, if it is yes, then it’s mean science is stopped working which is not possible. Always research is going on for the sake of new innovation


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  • pearljam

    Absolutely Not.

    The best innovation is yet to come.

    Waiting for that…


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  • stigmus

    We’ll be seeing new ways to interact with our phones, not just by touch. As AI improves the phone will provide even more information that helpers like Google Assistant do already and we may even form friendships with us.


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  • chris

    Of course not. We will see lot of new innovations in the coming years. Smartphone are there for a little more than 10 years only. And the actual ones are already very different and more powerful than the first ones. So we definitely will have better ones who will make more things in the future ;)


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  • kirti

    i will believe that if apple remove the notch from the iphone x, then we can say yes we now its an innovation


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