Q. What are the best 3 short-term cryptocurrencies currently, and why?

What are the best 3 short-term cryptocurrencies currently, and why?






May, 2018

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  • richard65

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  • ae1996

    My personal picks for 2018 (short term bullish. long term very bullish) :

    1. Fusion (FSN). Wanchain competitor but less hype. Reasons why I choose FSN :
    a. The code already released on github and I haven’t see Wanchain code yet.
    b. It has less marketcap than Wanchain. For now, Fusion = 198M & Wanchain = 908M. More gains to be made.
    c. Team. The FSN founder was DJ Qian who has created Qtum and VeChain (Both Qtum and VeChain has 2B dollar marketcap. Fusion is only 1/10 of their marketcap).
    d. Mainnet will launch in 30 June 2018 or earlier.
    e. 4 block sponsors for Concensus 2018

    2. High Performance Blockchain (HPB). Reasons why I choose HPB :
    a. EOS of China. The only kind that combining blockchain software with hardware as a chip accelerator engine. Aiming to get 1,000,000+ TPS. They got 30.000 VPS already for the hardware test.
    b. Team and Advisors. Advisors consists of : Executive President at UnionPay, Founder of OKcoin & Bibox and NEO Foundation.
    c. Mainnet V1.0 will launch in 30 June 2018 or earlier. Mainnet V2.0 will launch in December 2019.

    3. Storiqa (STQ). Reasons why I choose STQ :
    a. Marketplace in blockchain. The only project with a real progress. You can see the demo version of the marketplace app.
    b. Currently $38 million marketcap. such undervalued for a marketplace blockchain project.
    c. The team consist around 90% e-commerce expert and 10% marketing. Maybe 10% marketing is the reason why marketcap such undervalued and 90% e-commerce expert make the real progress. This is a good thing !!! because we can buy such an undervalued price token with real project progress !! Once product released in Q1 2019, they just need to hire marketing team to boost it’s product :)


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