Q. How to stop Yulin Festival in China?

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How to stop Yulin Festival in China?

I’m wondering if there’s any way for dog lovers and animal rights activists to do something to stop this heinous act. Setting aside vegan POVs, I don’t think dogs are created to be eaten. Imagine every dogs seen on the streets are caught, beaten to death, skinned alive, and even boiled alive. For this year, Yulin will be celebrated again on June 21 - 30.

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May, 2018

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  • pearljam
    1. Ban on the participants and provokers who encourage it in community.
    2. Monetary fine/penalty can be imposed to the people who participate Yulin festival.
    3. Regulate the flow of animals in the particular city. It can be monitored by the government.
    4. Severity of punishments can be awarded to people who indulge in it.
    5. Provide alternative income resources to the people who take part in it very enthusiastically and are in weaker economic condition.
    6. Spread the awareness about the PETA & its goals, how it helps to people to become a kind and responsible themselves.
    7. To make understand about equality of life among humans and animals.

    What I think to stop the Yulin Festival....which is curse to mankind.


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  • kiaazad

    if people eat them without dying, they are food, however, we must try to stop the cruelty towards them, beating them to death and boiling them alive should stop.


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  • kirti

    even the dog lover and animal activists in china supports yulin festivals because they all love dog meat


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