Q. Why do many Japanese people live to an old age?

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Why do many Japanese people live to an old age?

Nabi Tajima was the world’s oldest person from the 19th century who died at the age of 117. She lived through many changes and had nine children. Her descendants include great-great-great grandchildren.

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May, 2018

  • hhhjamnez

    The portion of food consumed by Japanese people is in the form of nonfat and balanced food. Generally consists of fish, seafood, grains, vegetables, and tofu. With this healthy diet, the obesity rate in Japan is only 3.5 percent. While in western countries obesity has become a killer because it is associated with various chronic diseases. The healthy lifestyle carried out by Japanese society began in childhood.


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  • kiaazad

    the food is a factor, the quality of life is another, but I think the gene pool have the biggest influence in how long somebody would live.
    it all boils down to chance, people who get a better body to handle everything that life throw at them would last longer.


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  • kirti

    because they eat good food, they avoid ready made or bad foods, if you eat well you stay well and you live long


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