Q. How should we control the rising pollution of water and the chemical and plastic dumps in oceans?

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How should we control the rising pollution of water and the chemical and plastic dumps in oceans?

are we not responsible for the marine life affected by plastic and other chemicals ? we are losing the beauty of nature polluting water day by day, this has to be stopped until one day there would be no sea creatures left, but the question is HOW ?

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May, 2018

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  • huitemae

    Firstly, we need to prevent and monitor. i think technology should enable us to assess chemical loads on ships before they leave and when they arrive back. Loss of chemicals = penalties. alternatively, we should be able to place sensors throughout the ocean, ‘smelling’ polution, allowing us to map trails of waste, leading to ships that are already being monitored by satellite.

    finally, we can reduce the needs for plastics. Bioplastics are a good alternative, breaking down in water relatively quickly.


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  • Anonymous

    -By educating the people on the harm pollution can do to our beautiful earth is the first step.
    -Through education, we might bring out in people an appreciation of the environment therefore giving them something fight for to protect and preserve.
    -Thus birthing communities of people with like minded vision of a beautiful and preserved earth.



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  • keith

    Incentives to not pollute need to be greater than the incentive to do so.


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  • ae1996

    I guess it’s a hard thing to change all the people’s behavior in the world, but you can start from small to big things. The first step, you can start from yourself for not doing those things. The second step, you can gather all people who have a same vision to build a community. I believe with community, you can help spread a campaign about water pollution and make a world a better place :)


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