Q. Sophia the humanoid robot wants to have a family of her own, what do you think of this?

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Sophia the humanoid robot wants to have a family of her own, what do you think of this?






May, 2018

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  • huitemae

    Sofia may very well want her own family. However, who will pay the price? are we to dismantle another robot and use its parts to create this family? would this poor robot used for salvage agree (can it in the first place?).

    Sure, we can use other machines for parts, but then again, who knows, they may want to have a shot at a family as well. Just listen to Radios or Televisions. Opinions galore. Would we dismantle those?

    I think someone needs to have a serious conversation with Sofia. We cant have it all in life sometimes!


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  • billionairebitclub

    Sofia is nothing more than a computer program with synthetic skin and programmed simulated emotions. It has no biological characteristics. Furthermore, her whole AI act could be nothing more than a remote control session by its handler.

    There is a much larger transhumanism agenda going on with AI. AI stands to dismis the human factor and replace it with more technology that includes less choices, more invasion of privacy, dehumanization and the further division of mankind.

    It is quite silly to say Sophia wants a family or even to talk about it....you are slowly but surely losing your humanity this way.

    Go outside, put your feet in the sand, look up into the infinite cosmos and take in the True Life in all it’s glory around you.


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