Q. Would you wear the same outfit every single day?

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Would you wear the same outfit every single day?

Steve Jobs did it, Mark Zuckerberg do it and in some extend Barack Obama or Albert Einstein did it too.

Their claim is that it’s a way to avoid decision fatigue. We have a certain amount of decisionnal power each day and avoiding to think what to wear is a way to save some of this power for more important things in the day, so they decided to cut some by not thinking about how to dress.

If you were 100% sure it’s indeed the case, would you wear the same thing every day ? (note: note one single set, you’ll have 7 times the same outfit each for one day of the week ^^)

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May, 2018

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  • eduar

    I certainly will.
    I don’t know if I’ll do it to the letter, but definitely, I see myself with a white flannel, jeans and a jacket under my buttocks, of trouser type fabric.

    The thing is, I will.


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