Q. Is poverty created by controlling government's?

Human wanting world wide change.

Is poverty created by controlling government's?

Poverty is something that is not fair yet every country has poverty. Why is it so?
Poverty worldwide creates a low social class where labour cost is low ,  housing, healthcare and social issues can be ignored.
Money can be made using cheap labour from one country to another.

For example in Australia the Government Created working visas that alow foreign seaman to work on oil tankers taking away traditional Australian jobs these Australian workers are now put out of work all the taxes and money created by those jobs does not exist in the Australian economy anymore yet the oil price and living costs go up.

This visa system has two million foreign workers taking Australian jobs from Australians . The workers come from poverty stricken nations and are constantly being underpaid and harassed by employment agencies. If they complain they get deported .The underpaid wage is still better than where they are from so they accept the low wage.
Min wage in Australia around   $20.00./ Hr
Visa workers wage. ? reports of $5.00 / hr
Government spends a million dollars a year on policing the system .

The system is flawed and complaints are constant from visa workers yet Government on all sides insists it stays.

If Australia needs workers why not make all visa holders Australian citizens where they can be protected and not exploited.






May, 2018

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  • shrenu

    Is poverty created by controlling governments? – NO
    Poverty is the result of government’s lacking efficiency of control.
    There is a lot that the government can do to uplift the standards of living but it fails in doing that, poverty is the outcome.


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