Q. What's the best logo in the world?

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What's the best logo in the world?

I know that “best” can be taken in different ways : technics for designer, easy recognition, meaning, … but just explain what you choose and why ;)

Is it a well know brand like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, Ferrari, … or do you prefer a “personnal” logo as the one of Batman, Mickey Mouse, … or an organisation like WWF, United Nation & co ? A movie logo (Ghostbusters, …) ? The logo of a sport (Formula 1, …)

Just to name a few : Starbucks, Shell, Honda, Firefox, Lego, FedEx, Lacoste, Nintendo, Playboy, Vans, Evernote, Superman, Amnesty International, …

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May, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • ae1996

    I like nike for sport logo : ✔ . Simple to draw, easy to understand and tells us “just do it” !


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  • katefisher

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  • keith

    Rolling Stones is the best ;P


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  • doru



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  • pearljam

    The Best LOGO I think ......APPLE

    Easy, Simple, Refreshing Logo.

    Never be bored and inspire to all.

    All are crazy for Apple and should be.....Because..

    “An Apple in a day, Keeps doctor away.”

    Mind It.


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  • kiaazad

    in the logos world the best means the most recognized, and from that point of view Mcdonald’s, Starbucks and Apple take the cake


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