Q. Who will you prefer as a friend, a dog or a human?

Who will you prefer as a friend, a dog or a human?

It is already proved that a dog is human’s best friend but would you prefer to have a dog over a human, if yes why so?

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Jun, 2018

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You know that whenever we ask about dogs the first thing that comes to our mind is "man's best friend". Who can compare to the happiness that little fur balls give us when we arrive home from the hustle and hurry world? Their innocence in the world is worth the love and care we give to them. Dogs are either pampered or strayed. You have the choice to take care of dogs with special breed or you can adopt any dog and give it a family. While most people are overwhelmed with their love for dogs, there are also people who heartlessly hunt these poor creatures. Unfortunately, this cannot easily be stopped as this inhumane act springs to the heart of men.

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