Q. Is education the key to success?

Is education the key to success?






Jun, 2018

  • Anonymous

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  • aanishaarora

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  • Anonymous

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  • shagun

    Key to Success not necessarily.

    But yes education lays foundation for it.


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  • kirti

    NOT necessary, skills and knowledge are the keys to success, today what we are learning in schools and colleges in the name of education are just keys for SURVIVAL, they are not education at all.


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  • doru

    **It depends on which kind of education you mean! If it is the wrong kind of education, you will not have success.

    But it is also possible that wrong education can bring you success in a wrong envirorment. The question is if you want this.

    Just as a good education can´t guarantee you success in a wrong culture.

    For me it is better to have a good education even if you are not so successful because of your bad environvment. It makes a person happier. **


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  • bob

    YES, But after the basic education there needs to be a goal oriented education that caters to the individual. It is better to train or study what interests you after you have the basics. Also, mainstream education needs to change with the times. The public school model that worked 100 or 200 years ago doesn’t work the same now! Experiences are also great educators, especially when combined with travel to learn from other cultures as well. Well adjusted and well rounded individuals with focus are always the most successful…


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  • bryan

    Each individual is different and it depends how you measure success, be it £££, personal satisfaction, ego, etc.... However, with everything there will be to some extent a basic level of education required, and yet again, it depends how you quantify education, is it purely based on qualifications, or life experience. I conclude that the question is too vague to provide one answer that fits all, however, to my children - YEAH - Education is everything, however, only education in an area you are interested in, otherwise even the best education in the world will be without success in the long term.....


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  • erik

    Education will give you only basics at least in computer science school. If you want to be good you need to learn by yourself a lot.


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  • keith

    Any success is directly related to the education. However, not all education will get you success.

    Quality and relevant education over quantity is the rule of thumb here.


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  • suppoman

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