Q. Have you ever seen a ghost?

Soviet Bear

Have you ever seen a ghost?

What happened if you did and how did you see them?

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Jun, 2018

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  • timeline

    In my opinion, there are no ghosts appearing on this earth. It is just a human illusion when falling into a state of fear. Learn more here nytimes crossword to know more!


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  • karmesh

    I have never encountered any supernatural until now. I have heard many incidents from people who are damn ‘serious’ when they talk about but i highly doubt even a bit truth in that. People talking about energies are probably faking it half of the time.


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When we think about spirit that spirit is referring to invisible soul. Spirit in other word is invisible active energy of universal force. Every creature's physical forms are active due to presence of soul or spirit. It's like catalytic agent. Like oxygen. That remains unaffected during any action. A person, who wants to turn spiritual, should try to introvert his energy through meditation. One should change the mind from material gains by observing your own thoughts without chasing thoughts. Spirituality is self-realization.

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