Q. What cryptocurrency is your favorite project and why?

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What cryptocurrency is your favorite project and why?

Looking to see what you think so I can maybe research different projects based on your favs.






Jun, 2018

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  • pearljam

    My favorite Cryptocurrency Project in NEO.

    NEO, the cryptocurrency developed in China, can certainly belong to the list of such stable digital coins.
    It is known as the “Chinese Ethereum” because of its similarity in technology with the blockchain network of Ethereum.

    WHY ?

    (A) NEO Internal Architecture:

    Like Ethereum, NEO is a blockchain platform as well as a cryptocurrency that enables Smart Contracts along with the development of digital assets.
    Another important aspect of NEO’s mechanism is that it can be staked to produce another cryptocurrency that helps to fuel the platform as well as to pay for the deployment of smart contracts and computation within the network. The other cryptocurrency is known as GAS coin.

    (B) Association with Onchain:

    Several investors are hopeful about NEO’s future because of its association with Onchain. Although many people mistake Onchain as a derivative of NEO, in reality, it is a completely different entity that helps business organizations across the globe implement blockchain technology into their individual operations. Onchain was developed in order to separate the digital currency from the blockchain development team. Onchain offers a sui generis blockchain solution known as DNA that helps in utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology. The growth of this cryptocurrency is commensurate to the same of Onchain as it offers extra traction along with more interest from clients and business enterprises.

    (C) The Presence of Various Assets:

    Most of the cryptocurrency platforms focus on trading their corresponding digital currencies only. For example, the blockchain platform of Ethereum only focuses on the trading of their default cryptocurrency Ether. NEO, on the other hand, incorporates a significant number of assets on its platform including its own cryptocurrency. This unique feature makes NEO a globally accepted digital system of smart economy. The variety of assets is likely to make a positive impact on NEO’s future.

    (D) Improvement in Technology:

    Despite its similarity with Ethereum Blockchain, the developers of NEO were able to make considerable ameliorations over Ethereum. For example, the smart contracts on Ethereum can only be developed if the user is well versed in Ethereum’s native programming language. On the other hand, smart contracts of NEO can be developed by using familiar languages like Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, etc. This feature makes NEO much more user-friendly and convenient.

    (E) Partnerships:

    In December of 2017, NEO engaged in a partnership with 18 major financial institutions along with cryptocurrencies like Red Pulse, Nex, Qlink, and several others. Such partnerships are likely to provide more exposure to this coin and eventually increase its circulation.

    Installing hackathons, conferences, presentations, and meetups, NEO’s development efforts are aimed at proliferating the blockchain’s global expansion will help dissolve its image as a walled Chinese garden.

    Lasering in on Europe for the first half of 2018, the NEO team has announced plans to touch down in South America—presumably aiming to plant roots in what could be the next frontier for blockchain technology.

    NEO can become one of the prime cryptocurrencies in 2019-2020.

    The NEO price speculation for 2020 , it should be $365-500 easily and can be above this prediction.


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