Q. What do you think about NCASH coin as project? and what is your price prediction?

What do you think about NCASH coin as project? and what is your price prediction?

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Jun, 2018

  • rcjohn

    As you grow into coin collecting you will find that you are not a collector, but a care taker of coins. This is not only a hobby like a sports of rc f1 car, it is also a service to future generations.


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  • jasonsamith

    Coin collecting myths as well fallacies can rob financially in the harbor freight belt sander. See how to recognize trends and not be a victim of fads and blind promotions.


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  • nanag

    NCASH reliability center was the project of the Nomads Cycling club that was good this event was going to help at the end of this month. It was good to know about this I need to get participate on this so I got the form from https://californianewstimes.com/best... this has all the details along with term and condition.


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  • pearljam

    NCASH: What it IS ???

    Nucleus Vision (NCASH) is an incredibly unique blockchain venture, especially compared to other coins that operate within the Internet of Things (IoT).
    it’s a way to combine IoT technology, blockchain technology, and brick-and-mortar retail experiences.

    How does Nucleus Vision (NCASH) work?
    Retail merchants at brick-and-mortar stores (and, later on, banks, supermarkets, etc. as nCash becomes more widely-used) can set up something called the ION in their stores. ION is a proprietary device that’s unique and impressive – it can pick up and identify individual customer’s unique phone signals when they arrive within 200 meters of the machine (no Bluetooth, WiFi or facial recognition needed).

    As customers shop, they provide data about their experience, which is recorded and loaded into a global connected ecosystem called NEURON – which is a deep learning platform. Aggregated data from the ION devices can then even be sold to third parties for nCash tokens as well.
    Each customer gets to decide on the spot whether they give the store permission to use the data as they continue the checkout process. They can remain anonymous if they’d like. The incentive is that you get loyalty rewards and discounts (in the form of nCash tokens), and all you have to do is share your in-store activity and possibly email address.

    Nucleus Vision (NCASH) just signed a big deal with a massive financial network…PayTM

    Earlier today, the team behind Nucleus Vision (NCASH) announced a brand-new relationship with a financial firm that’s backed by Alibaba. It’s called Paytm, and it’s a mobile wallet in India with more than 200 million registered users.

    Paytm is used by more than 5 million merchants already as a Point of Sale (PoS) device, which means that nCash has the potential to reach all of those locations – meaning big moves toward mass adoption.

    India’s most prominent retail chain, Future Group, partners with Nucleus Vision to leverage cutting-edge technologies to gain unprecedented customer insight.

    I think NCASH is working on revolutionary projects and will accessible to all. NCASH will outreach to all kind of people and it will BOOm Soon…or MOON SOON.NCASH will explode in a new manner.

    My price prediction of NCASH in 2020 is approx $1-$1.5.

    If it happen, there will be no surprise about it.
    Good Project, Solid Team & Outreach partnership can make it happen.

    Buy Buy Buy & HODL HODL HODL.


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  • vishal

    Its a good project, need to hodl at least one year for good profit.


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  • ninjavz

    It is a rather unique solution linked to real world value. I’d expect at least $0.20 within the next Bull run.


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