Q. Government without money?

Government without money?

Hi guys,

I would like to know what you guys think, how the world is going to work, without the normal cash, or with the government having less cash for Schools/Hospital/Police/roads/energy etc etc?

Is really that good…

Imagine if you need to go to the hospital…and is close, because the government don’t have cash to pay doctors…suppliers…etc.

Please don’t be shy and tell me the true…

Is really good the future that is coming with the blockchain?
or is really the skynet!! of the movie treminator ? AI controlling humans


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Jun, 2018

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Supply, demand and rate, defines economy. The surplus production at on place is sent to a place of scarcity. With the growth in population it has been quite a task for countries to maintain a balanced economy. Economics is the study of making sound choices. An economically literate population improves the public ability to comprehend and evaluate critical issues. Economy is the art of making the most of all, which includes not just earning well but also spending well.

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