Q. What is the next ICO for you?

What is the next ICO for you?

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Jun, 2018

  • zhestka



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  • nerdey

    Bither ICO is the next…for sure....you should check it out…


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  • honza

    EtherInc Trimpo


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  • doru

    Pantos (PAN) ICO is really great (on Bitpanda.com )


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  • roman

    fantom the next one soon


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ICO is a means of raising millions in seconds. Initial coin offering (ICO) is one of the biggest trends in cryptocurrency at present. In ICO new cryptocurrency is exchanged against Bitcoin or Ethereum. ICO is a new wave of fund raising, while it sounds cool, it might also involve some risks. In most recent times, ICO has acquired eminence as a favoured way to launch a new cryptocurrency.

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