Q. To what extent can a writer impact a society?

To what extent can a writer impact a society?

Real and fiction stories come up every now and then, can a writer with the wand of words; germinate newer perspectives in the society?

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Jun, 2018

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    A writer has great skills in decorating simple thoughts in magnificent manners.
    The power of words is humongous.
    Though it is not a writer’s primary responsibility to redefine the society but attempts made with that motive can surely spread awareness in the society.
    If a writer wants, then unsaid stories and events can reach up to the people and inspire them.


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If you can imagine; you can create. Most writers have rich imaginations and wisdom about the things here and above. Writers love words enough to almost put descriptions in everything from a single stone to starry night. Their creativity is put into words. They convey the message well that reading their outputs bring you to a world outside your reality. They can play with words; make and break you; persuade or trick you. While writers are well-appreciated for the turning points they create in each story, no one has the idea about what writers are up to for choosing their genres. Love the engineer of the human soul.

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