Q. Should I be strict with my pet?

Should I be strict with my pet?

Handling a pet is sometimes a mess. What is the best way to treat a pet?

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Jun, 2018

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  • pearljam

    It is your pet.
    It depends on you, because pet in unable to make conversation with you.

    You may be strict…because your pet is submissive to you.

    I would like to hear if pet can tell me about its feeling of being your pet.


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  • riddhi

    There is a very slight difference being strict and being disciplined. You shouldn’t be shouting or yelling at your pet but you must teach the pet basic disciplinary behaviour. There will be times when there will necessities to stop your pet from doing certain things that can either harm you or something else. Overall, I think there’s no meaning in having a pet if you are being angry or strict. Love your pet and keep them well mannered.


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