Q. What will we do if Aliens land on earth for real?

What will we do if Aliens land on earth for real?

Astronomers have been trying for quite a long time to find if there is presence of life on other planets in the universe. What would we do if someday a space ship stuffed with Aliens lands on earth?

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Jun, 2018

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    Firstly, we will figure out there purpose and behaviour then if they are harmfull for humans then we will try to protect our land if they are not harmfull then we try to communicate with them.


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  • taniya

    Sounds scary!
    Firstly i would try to find if the alien creatures are dangerous or friendly and see if they had come on earth to destroy us or to coexist. If there would be any sort of risk i’d run to a safe place with my family and survive for as long as I can. And if they would be good then I’d be the first person to go and get to know them.


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Even the vastness of imagination cannot fathom the mysteries of the universe. Studies and theories about it have gone this far. Yet, theories remain as is and is yet to be validated. With its vastness, we simply cannot conclude that we are the only living beings in it. We only know about our galaxy and having the idea about other galaxies existing is not far from possibility. There are so many questions that are still unanswered up to this time. Science continues to dig for more information and as they continue to discover more, questions will keep on piling up on the list.

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