Q. Why Motorbikes do not have Diesel Engine?

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Why Motorbikes do not have Diesel Engine?

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Jun, 2018

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  • thorty

    Diesel engines are noisier and heavier (their power-to-weight ratio is worse). For a diesel engine to perform dynamically, it needs a turbo, which causes a turbo lag effect, meaning there is a slight delay between engaging the throttle and actually accelerating, which would be dangerous on a motorbike. Diesel engines have high torque, which is great for towing things, but not relevant for motorbikes.


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  • qhrehf1

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  • kiaazad

    Diesel engines burn too hot to sit on


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  • pearljam

    Diesel engine uses turbocharger or supercharger to pump more air into the cylinder, which increases its price and size. In diesel engines, injector technology is used to inject fuel into the combustion chamber, which is more expensive than spark plug technology of petrol engine.


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