Q. When are we finally be able to teleport? We are loosing to much time?

When are we finally be able to teleport? We are loosing to much time?






Jun, 2018

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  • kiaazad

    unless we find something completely new in physic that alows us move a big chunk of information faster than light and scurely, never


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  • dan54

    Teleportation experiments have been achieved and recently Chinese scientists telported a photon from the Gobi desert to a satellite, 500 km above earths atmosphere, using quantum entanglement.

    The issue with teleportation is that with our current technology, some atoms will theoretically be lost in the process of teleporting a large object.

    The lost atoms aren’t destroyed, as this goes against the laws of physics, they simply disperse from their original configuration. You may think it isn’t a big deal, but for every mechanical part or complex computer module we want to send, missing atoms could cause unforseen weaknesses in machinery and cause computer systems to cease functioning.

    Moreover, machinery and computers are one thing but teleporting people has even more risk. A person could lose random atoms from their vital organs with each teleportation and over time they could have organ failure, due to a loss of matter from their major organs.

    However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, parts for machines and computers will most likely be teleported in pieces and assembled where they are needed. Imagine providing a colony on mars with new building materials and advanced components with a click of a button from Earth! There would be no 7 month trip or millions of dollars of lost revenue, space would begin to become dirt cheap to explore and colonize!

    In addition, i believe physicists will discover more efficient ways to maintain atoms with each generation of teleporters and humanity will one day perfect a system that can teleport anything without any lost atoms!


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