Q. Can a shooting star make wishes come true?

Can a shooting star make wishes come true?

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Jun, 2018

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  • nancy

    I am not sure if the belief of the shooting star is true to what extent, but it surely gives a lot of hope.
    Hope motivates people to put efforts and make their wish come true and worthy efforts translates in to success.
    So, I guess that is how this belief works as a trick in making the wishes come true.


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The first thing that comes to your mind about meteors is a falling star or a shooting star. Then, you wish for some good things you want to come true. They are called meteoroids when they're in space floating; meteors when they enter the atmosphere; and meteorites when they hit the earth. If meteors could do something aside from falling to earth, that would be to nag about being mistaken as a star. Who would ever like to have a mistake identity? They are streaks of lights but they are not stars.

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