Q. What's your Lucky Number and How it is Decided?

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What's your Lucky Number and How it is Decided?






Jun, 2018

  • kamrengrant

    So far I have no idea how these numbers are decided. But once a friend of mine has told me to count my birthdate and that is my lucky number or birth number which resembles my character and wellbeing and life as per buy custom essay experts. So if your birthday is on 23 youmust ass those two numbers which is number 5. It is so easy and simple to know.


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  • jhen25

    17 is my lucky number because,that is the day i receive my blesaings from up above


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  • cryptolady

    Calculated from my date of birthday 7-2=5 :)


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  • vishal

    Lucky number, is a date of my gf birthday


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