Q. What is the most insane thing that you have read on the internet?

What is the most insane thing that you have read on the internet?

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Jun, 2018

  • sheikhjabir

    Oh, I have read a lot of insane things on the internet. But the best thing I read are the best skills to include in a CVon a website and it really helped me to make a good CV which assisted me to get a job instantly.


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  • shagun

    Most insane thing i read on the internet is Answer of donparchami against this query iteself.


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  • subandoro

    hal yang paling gila yaitu melihat berita pembunuhan


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  • donparchami

    dude i dont know where to start, its like the internet is filled with insane things.

    1.The earth is flat <== dude, im not even gonna start on this one
    2.Everything Donald J Trump says
    3.That one time North Korea Said they beat Brazil in soccer 2014
    4.Horses are fruit
    5. 2012- for some reason the world would end
    6. The Bible (or any religous books)
    7. The fact that Ken Ham was granted a huge amout of tax payers dollars to build a museum/ark in the middle of nowhere and brainwashing kids with made upp history saying that dinasours co-existed with humans.....

    There are so many more crazy stuff to write down but i have to get back to work :-)


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It has made the world shrink. The impossible earlier is possible now as the internet is a dream come true. What is that one can’t find on the internet? Job, communication, knowledge and lately even Love! It has been quite a task to keep pace with the technology that is growing at lightning speed. But remember, every coin has two sides. The internet is a blessing but it won’t take much time to turn in to a curse, thus stick to the good parts. We have come a long way but there is still a long way to go.

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