Q. What do you think of steemit?

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What do you think of steemit?

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Jun, 2018

  • pearljam

    Steemit Account, If you have some creativity.

    Not personalise to someone…
    It is a common domain for all of the communuty members.

    If you haven’t Steemit....You miss it.
    But If You Have Steemit Account, You have to post a very clear article to get some incentive.

    Steemit is a nice platform to develop your skills…how to express something in your own way.

    That is the USP , by which I like it.

    I also have to join Steemit. But I like Qurito also.


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  • thorty

    It is a great concept and IMO has huge potential, but the UI and UX of the site needs to be improved, and it needs to mature as a platform (more users and more quality content)


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  • kiaazad

    steemit is not a social media website yet, therefore many people whom can’t create good content are struggling to use it. but the fundations it pretty impresive and powerful


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