Q. Are we descendants from spacetravellers?

Are we descendants from spacetravellers?






Jun, 2018

  • foxargon

    нет, есть такое понятие как Аспект, он есть у каждого человека, то есть души, это грамотная матрица. А тут мы для того что бы проходить и получать опыт.


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  • donparchami

    Its an intresting question and we may speculate on the answer, but proof of this can only come from signs of life other than our planet.

    im sort of 50/50 on this.
    Yes we are decendents from specetravellers in a sence that some form of bacteria from a meteor may have crashed into earth many many years ago. if one does belive this than we humas are not special and were nothing but years of evelotion of combined bacteria evolving to make the best out of our enviroment.

    No were not decendents from spacetravellers because we have yet to find sind of life outside of your planet to prove this statement.


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  • douglas78

    I believe that yes, I even think that we are creation of aliens.


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