Q. Have you had a close encounter with a UFO or alien?

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Have you had a close encounter with a UFO or alien?

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Jun, 2018

  • amjad

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  • patricia

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  • ondrej

    Personally i never met them but i have heard stories… And it happened. I was on 3 day lasting conference about aliens in Prague and people talking about their experiences there.
    Maybe they are much more closer than you ever think. I have seen ufos 13 times in my life. That was almost always different shape. On youtube is too much of fake videos bud some canals are posting real footage. Some people say aliens are on Earth now and have human bodies, thay can do shapeshifting, also some of them have humanoid bodies naturally. Anyway there so many clues to the fact that aliens were in very close contact with ancient civilizations, as you maybe know. Such as old Egypt, Peruvians, Aztecs, Mayas, Toltecs, old China etc…


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Extra-terrestrial beings have always been existing in our imagination, a green or grey creature with a very thin body, bulging eyes in a large head, riding in a highly-advanced flying saucer, abducting humans. They are perceived to be friends or foes. Back then, people believed that they live in planet Mars, yet if they ever did, information should have been spread around the globe. Centuries have passed now but their existence lives on in our brain as be continue to believe that there are other living creatures in the vast universe. Setting aside the E.Ts, in a funny way, the real aliens are those who step into a foreign land and are usually called tourists.

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