Q. Is social network a boon or a ban for the present youth?

Is social network a boon or a ban for the present youth?






Jun, 2018

  • bryanrogers

    The impact of social networks on young people can be both positive and negative, depending on how they use them. On one hand, social networks can help young people connect with friends and family, access educational resources, and find support in times of need. Social networks can also provide a platform for young people to express themselves, share their interests, and engage with a broader community.

    However, social networks can also have negative effects on young people’s mental health, self-esteem, and social skills. Social networks can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression, especially if young people spend too much time online and have limited face-to-face interactions. Social networks can also expose young people to cyberbullying, online predators, and harmful content.

    Regarding social media as a school fundraising idea, it can be a viable option for schools looking to raise funds. Social media platforms provide an easy and effective way for schools to reach a wide audience and promote their fundraising efforts. For example, schools can create fundraising pages on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, post updates on their progress, and encourage supporters to share their fundraising pages with their networks. However, schools should also consider other fundraising options and not solely rely on social media as their primary fundraising strategy.


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  • keith

    “Boon or a bane” basically means “good or bad” “beneficial or harmful”. Boon means “a thing that is beneficial or helpful” and bane is something that causes distress or annoyance.

    In our new and evolving world, using technology in ways man has never thought possible or even thought about, the youth never experience life without it.

    It is interesting to think about the times when we didn’t have the tech of today. All of the wasted hours, days and weeks of doing the mundane tasks and thought processes.
    - From handwriting letters to typing them on manual typerwriters
    - From electronic typerwriters to computers with printers
    - From word processing software to Email
    - From Email to instant messaging
    - From Facebook to Twitter
    - From Snapchat to Telegram
    - From File sharing to Cloud file sharing
    - Blockchain

    We are in a whole different world from when alot of us were born. Well i am 1/2 centry lol

    Is it good? Yes it is good. It shaves all the time spent on the mundane from yesteryears so that new progress in other areas of life can be concentrated on. Instant access to information like no other time in history.
    Is it bad? From some perspectives it surely can be. Is taking advantage of this new and efficient tech going to make our youth lazy and less incline to do actual work? Possibly it will.

    Seems like there needs to be another way to add questions to Qurito from a question hehe


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  • chinnoye.okafar

    In case of gaining knowledge about the good things of the surroundings, social network is considered to be a boon for the youth as they get to know a lot of things from it.
    But if you consider a few exposing sites, social network serves as a ban for the youth as it spoils the mentality of the youth and as a result, they tend to do crimes which is harmful for the society.


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