Q. Why do the youths like watching foreign series more than they like watching Indian series?

Why do the youths like watching foreign series more than they like watching Indian series?






Jun, 2018

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  • derek

    It is difficult to ignore worthy entertainment.
    We live in a world where the internet has broken all the boundaries and now there are no barriers for art and craft.
    The youth of every country is smart and is open to newer things, be it technology or entertainment.
    The type of digital entertainment you are talking about has largely come from the first world countries so it is quite obvious that they will be good at it.
    Considering Indian series, its catching up the pace.
    At present, there are numerous Indian series that are full of entertainment and can stand as a competition against the rest of its type.


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  • dong.decan

    i) Indian series are a bit of emotional whereas Foreign series are not so emotional or sentimental. And today’s youth generally dont like much of emotional stuffs.
    (ii) Indian series contain more of dramatical acts whereas Foreign series are described upto the point and dont beat around the bush unlike indian series.


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Imagine a timeline of the generation then and now. Teddy bears have turned to virtual pets. Mini figures of monsters and swords have turned to online games Defense of The Ancient (DOTA), and Clash of Titans. From box to LED TV, and from classical music to pop. The entertainment has evolved.
What else do you have to say? People find happiness in the hundreds and thousands of likes in their photos and videos uploaded in entertainment platforms. This has become a way of life; sometimes, a meaning of life - that is, using entertainment to make people happy.
In the then generation, entertainment was for recreational purposes only. In the present, do you want to be famous? Then be interesting. Be an entertainment.

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