Q. What is the ratio between manufacturing price and retail price?

What is the ratio between manufacturing price and retail price?

There obviously is a considerable difference in manufacturing cost and retail cost. What is the average ratio maintained by the manufacturing in between these two prices?

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Jun, 2018

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  • cprarticles

    The process of setting the retail price of a manufactured good is a multi-step exercise that takes into consideration a variety of stakeholders and circumstances. What you pay to make your product, your administrative costs, the needs of distributors and consumers and your ultimate desired profit must all be balanced to set the price that will bring you the most profit.


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  • ponderdeal

    Many parties and conditions go into the multi-step process of determining a manufactured good’s retail price. When setting a pricing for your product, you must take into account the cost of dordle making the product, the administrative expenses, the demands of distributors and customers, and your ultimate goal of profiting the most.


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