Q. What are the basic things that 2 persons should know about each other before getting married?

What are the basic things that 2 persons should know about each other before getting married?






Jun, 2018

  • magdale

    Understanding these key aspects is fundamental for a strong and harmonious marriage. Open communication, shared values, and a mutual understanding of life goals contribute to a foundation of trust and support. Taking the time to know each other deeply fosters a connection that withstands the tests of time. Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and shared dreams! On a celebratory note, for those planning a 30th birthday bash, visit https://balloons.online/blog/30th-birthday-decorations-ideas-tips/ for fantastic ideas and tips to make the milestone celebration truly memorable.


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  • riddhi

    Before getting married, both partners should be well aware of each other’s ambitions as that way they will be able to pursue their dreams together.
    The other very essential aspect is mentality; two people of different mind-set can never stay under the same roof.
    There are very high chances of conflict and misunderstanding.
    These are the two things both partners should know about each other before getting married.


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  • ray.sitorous

    (i) Each and every details about the person and about his background to whom he/she is getting married whether it be past/present or anything.
    (ii) The person’s family to whom he/she is getting married to (iii) Trust should be gained between the two in order to take such a big decision like marriage.


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"I now pronunce you - husband and wife." For richer or for poorer; in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part. Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman who decided to commit themselves to each other for a lifetime. It should not be a burden but a source of joy through ups and downs. It is where family begins. People around the world have different cultures when it comes to marriage. Some countries have arranged marriage; others have the freedom to choose their lifetime partners. Marriage shouldn't be taken lightly like a puppy love you can easily dump whenever you want.

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