Q. How essential is it for a song to have good lyrics?

How essential is it for a song to have good lyrics?

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Jun, 2018

  • bellawatson

    People also love lyrics of the song. The voice is also essential role to sing a good song and audience love it. I am a ghostwriter at affordable ghostwriting service at cheap pric. Lyrics are also important for audience. The voic and lyrics are both important.


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  • johnmehdi8

    Nowadays, music is the prime focus in a song but lyrics add in value in a song. A song stays ever green when it has good lyrics.


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  • kiaazad

    the biggest factor in success of a song is a catchy hook, smart sounding lyrics can help, but it’s not the thing that grabs the most attention in a song.


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  • ishaan

    Lyrics are the soul of a song.
    The power of words is already proven and the songs will touching lyrics stay alive forever.
    Songs without lyrics are also very popular these days and a huge audience loves such contagious rhythms.
    But the mixture of great lyrics and tune can actually make wonders and touch many hearts.


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  • pearljam

    It is absolutely necessary to make a song as a history.

    The quality of lyrics make a song long live. The popularity is become forever if it has quality lyrics.

    You will listen a track many times without boring if it has quality lyrics.

    U can check, most of the famous tracks have a very good content in their lyrics.


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