Q. I want to learn programming, which language should I start from?

I want to learn programming, which language should I start from?






Jun, 2018

  • chadjpatel

    There is no definitive answer to which programming language you should start from, as different languages have different advantages, disadvantages, and applications. First you should ask yourself some questions like:

    1. What do you want to achieve or learn with programming? Do you want to build websites, mobile apps, games, data analysis, artificial intelligence, etc.? Depending on your goal or interest, you may choose a programming language that is suitable or popular for that domain.

    2. How easy or hard do you want your programming language to be? Do you want a language that is simple, concise, and intuitive, or a language that is complex, verbose, and powerful? Depending on your level of difficulty, you may choose a programming language that has a low or high learning curve.

    Your choice should align with your goals and interests. Here are some options:

    • HTML and CSS: HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the core languages for web development. They are not technically programming languages, but markup languages that define the structure and style of web pages. HTML and CSS are easy to learn and use, and they can help you create simple and static websites. You can also use them with other languages such as JavaScript or PHP to create dynamic and interactive websites.

    • Python: Python is one of the most popular and versatile programming languages in the world. It is used for various domains such as web development, mobile development, data science, artificial intelligence, etc. Python has a high-level, readable, and concise syntax that makes it easy to write and understand code.

    • Java: Java is another most widely used and influential programming language in the world. It is used for various domains such as web development, mobile development, desktop development, etc. Java has a low-level, verbose, and powerful syntax that makes it capable of handling many tasks and challenges.

    These are some of the best programming languages for beginners. You can choose according to your research which language best suits you.


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  • sofia15

    start from php and flutter apps


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  • bonita58

    You can start from PHP, Pyhton or Java.


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  • seoexpert

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  • webskitters001

    it mainly depends on your intent as what do you want to learn. do you want to learn web development or want to design a website or anything else? you haven’t mentioned it.
    though i’ll try to help you…
    1.if you are new in coding then you can go for python as it is as easy as learning english .it’s a simple programming language that is closely connected to website development and designing but not a good option for android-app-development .
    2.then comes java when you decide to make a android app .it’s a high level programming language though it is considered as beginner friendly language.
    3.then comes javascript which is closely related to front end development.though it’s not as easy as pythhon or java.


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  • ayanidson

    Depending on what you want to do, you can look at the requirements and proposals from parimatch tech https://parimatch.tech/vacancies/ where in the popular vacancies you will find something to be interested in.


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  • samuel22

    If you’re looking for a job or want to make mobile apps : Java
    If you want to try front-end development : Javascript


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  • drizztdourden123456789

    Java. Java rules the world now and it’s free. Then you should focus on some framework. Depens what kind of applications you would like to develop.


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  • sercandrop

    Try Object Oriented Languages, such as Java if you’re interested in getting a carrier
    Try Functional Programming Languages, such as Javascript if you’re interested in getting money quicker (freelancer etc.)

    Also python would be good for you as a first programming language


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  • erik

    Maybe JavaScript it’s most loose programming language I think.

    You can try with this tutorials https://www.w3schools.com/jS/default...

    But the biggest question is what you want to create websites? software?


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