Q. Describe the most dramatic day of your life?

Describe the most dramatic day of your life?

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Jun, 2018

  • jameszen

    Happy for my life!
    fall guys is a colorful world with hundreds of thousands of different challenges.


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  • pmahajan18

    Off course for all, I thinks it was the day of gaining education. Means school, college days


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  • becfour

    I can flying with my hand


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A multi-billionaire bachelor is falling in love with a Cinderella. A bullied ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan taking her revenge against those who belittle her. A family feud caused by the selfish ambitions of each member to be the heir to the family business. Common drama series. Drama has evolved from theatrical play, radio, and to a more realistic TV drama series. Highly-budgeted dramas are shot in some famous spots abroad to suffice the story line. Most drama story line, like the plot of a story, is usually exaggerated. This is intended to stir the emotions of the audience. Drama is just a drama and should not leave you like you were the character in it. Feeling affected?

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