Q. I’ve ran out of gift options, can I gift the same thing that I’ve already gifted once?

I’ve ran out of gift options, can I gift the same thing that I’ve already gifted once?

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Jun, 2018

  • jason88

    It’s totally fine to gift the same thing more than once, especially if the recipient loved it the first time! However, if you need new ideas, you could want to check out buyagift for some unique and exciting options. They offer a variety of experiences that can be a memorable alternative to traditional gifts. This could be a great way to surprise someone with something different that they haven’t received before.


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  • christine57

    It depends on how well you know the person you are gifting to. For example, if you know that they love shoes so much, getting them another pair would still be a pleasant surprise than someone who doesn’t have a particular liking and prefers gifts based on practicality and what they need at that time.

    Some people, for instance, would appreciate receiving a set of jewellery once but would feel that you’re not putting much thought into the present if you gave them another set next year. Meanwhile, those who love collecting certain items would recognise how well you know them if you always give them the same types of gifts on every occasion.

    If you’re looking for collectables and high-quality artisan gifts for that picky special person in your life, check out Morrab Studio. This site specialises in luxurious presents, from rare China and jewellery to those coveted Steiff Bears.


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  • umehen33

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