Q. Is it right to judge someone's intelligence based on their clothes?

Is it right to judge someone's intelligence based on their clothes?

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Jun, 2018

  • jackbacha2

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  • morganlee

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  • bryanshipp

    No, it is not right to judge someone’s intelligence based on their clothes. Intelligence is a complex and multi-dimensional construct that encompasses a wide range of cognitive abilities, such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, and knowledge acquisition. Cool sweatshirt designs ideas about clothing is a personal choice and does not necessarily reflect someone’s intellectual abilities or aptitudes.

    It’s important to remember that people come from different backgrounds, cultures, and have different financial situations, and what they wear may not be an accurate indicator of their intelligence or abilities. Additionally, making assumptions about someone based on their appearance is not only unfair but also has the potential to harm their self-esteem and overall well-being.


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  • nancy

    Personalities can be predicted from the appearances but not intelligence.
    It is not right to judge anyone at all but it is a human tendency and we tend to do it quite often.
    Looks can reflect personal fashion sense and other minor aspects of personality whereas, intelligence has no direct relation with clothes or looks.


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  • michael.nav

    Ofcourse yes( Sarcastic voice)
    Well I don’t think so that anyone should be judge on their outfit. Personality develops from your hard work and dedication towards your work.
    Clothing is both a tool to protect our skin from the elements and a costume. Within each social class and subgroup, a variety of costumes express status, sophistication, wealth, aesthetic and cultural knowledge and attention to detail. The ability to deliberately choose and wear a suitable costume well may just signify good education on the costume part, but it may also indicate good social cognition and attention.


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